We are building economies that everyone can shape.

We support communities – particularly those furthest from power – to shape the economy to achieve what matters to them.

Delivering economic education for adults and young people

Shaping participatory approaches to economic decision making

Modelling a new approach to public interest economic news through ecnmy.org

Developing place-based approaches to achieve bottom up and top down local economic change

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Just landed…get your copy of ‘What is the economy’

Why are houses so expensive? Is our banking system going to collapse again? Should we be worried that robots are going to take all our jobs? And just what exactly is the economy anyway?

Economists and politicians would have you believe it is a rarified topic best left to ‘the experts’.

The experts are wrong.

In ‘What’s the economy’ our editor Beth Leslie and our co-founder Joe Richards build on 5 years of research and learning at Economy. They uncover what people really mean when they talk about ‘the economy’, taking the word off its pedestal and showing that it’s just a lens for seeing the world around us. That, at its heart, economics is about you, and the society you’re part of.

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Our workshops help improve understanding around economics, empowering people to engage in decisions that affect their lives.

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Our network

Our work wouldn’t be possible without our
incredible network of partners and collaborators.

Levenshulme Inspire
Wevolution. Turning communities around.
Basic Income Conversation.
Bank of England
May Project Gardens
Manor House development trust
Community. For a better working world.
Shoreditch Trust
Rethinking Economics
Ella Baker school of organising.
Fair Education Alliance
Victoria Park Community Centre
Northfield Neighbourhood Network Scheme. Strenthening & Connecting Communities for over 50's.
Greater Manchester older people's network
Luminate. Building stronger societies
Locality. The power of community.
The Politics Project
BCT. Building Communities Trust.
Community. For a better working world.

Our funders

Economy’s work is funded by a range of sources – individuals, trusts & foundations, partnerships, and corporate grants.

We are grateful to all the supporters who make our work possible. Our main current funders are: 

Barrow Cadbury Trust
Friends Provident Foundation
John Ellerman Foundation
Bank of England
Rethinking Economics
Aziz Foundation
The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust