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How does the economy impact your life? What economic policy would you enact if you were Prime Minister? Why did you make the economic choices you have?

We want to publish everyday people’s answers to these questions (and many more!) as part of our ‘Voices of the Economy’ series. Whether you consider yourself an economics expert or you’ve never even said the word out loud before, if you feel you’ve got something to say we’d love to hear from you!

We pay all our contributors – £50 for each published article or £100 for each video.

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What does it involve?

At Economy we believe economics is all around us, and everyone is part of the economy. We are handing the mic over to the people behind the ‘stats & figures’ so we can build a real picture of what economics is & what it means for them and their community.

We’re interested in covering a wide range of issues and how they relate to the economy, including housing, food, healthcare, money, jobs, education, art and culture, sports, entertainment, the environment and more. We prioritise voices from communities that are currently marginalised in conversations about the economy.

We work with people to share their stories in three different ways:

  • You pitch an article or video to us that our team will provide feedback on
  • Our team works together with you to co-produce an article or video about your experiences and ideas
  • Our team interviews you about your experiences and ideas to produce an article or video

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