Commission training & consultancy

Creating economies that everyone can shape requires bottom-up transformation at an individual and community level, as well as top-down changes in government, the media, education and business.

We know that it can get pretty messy and complicated. Our bespoke training and strategic consultancy offer provides tailored support and solutions for the problems that you are working on.

Our expertise is in economics communication, education and participation.

The support we can offer includes:

  • Bespoke workshops and training
  • Tailored talks and presentations
  • Facilitator training and resource creation
  • Research
  • Community engagement & outreach
  • Strategy development

We work with a diverse range of partners to provide these services, from local charities to economic institutions.

Get in touch with us on joe.earle[at] to discuss how we can support your work.

Got an idea that we haven’t covered? We’re always happy to chat, get in touch with us on hello[at]

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